Mission: Sustaining Grounds for Community Growing

What is the Howell Collective Garden? and what is a P-Patch?

P-Patch is the name given to community gardens that are managed by the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods P-Patch Community Gardening Program. A community garden is a space where neighbors come together to strengthen cooperative networks and steward – plan, plant, and maintain –a piece of open land. Community gardens are a source of pride among residents and a visible product of land stewardship and a healthier urban environment. Traditionally, they involve individual gardening plots for which community members pay an annual fee. The Howell Collective uses a management model without individual plots and is designed, planted, maintained, and harvested together by members who join the community garden. Planning for the Howell Collective Garden started in 2007 as an element included in the community plan for Seven Hills Park. Since then, our garden has come a long way!

The Howell Collective garden is open to the community in many ways. We invite you to walk the paths and enjoy the plants and wildlife. As community members, your voices and opinions are always welcome. Please visit our blog or speak with any member present in the garden.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Howell Collective, please visit
the official P-Patch website and get on the wait list! The sooner you sign up, the sooner you can join!