Upon first moving to Seattle, Lindsay stumbled upon a Parks Dept. meeting held to discuss the future of what used to be a parking lot and is now 7 Hills Park & Howell Collective P-Patch. She spends much of her free time pinning down city employees, writing correspondences, and thinking of new ways to engage the community in this new p-patch venture. When away from her computer and Howell Collective tasks, Lindsay can be found pedaling a bicycle, tending to her two chickens, hiking, taking Urban Planning courses at UW, and fixing things.

Nichole volunteers as Communications Director for the Howell Collective. She spends her time reading essay collections and writing for her fashion blog, Merci Me. She enjoys making the most of her tiny galley kitchen and supporting her friends in the performing arts. Currently, she works in marketing, specializing in nonprofits, government agencies and tribal nations.

Originally from California, Leilani Novotny moved up to Seattle to pursue her undergraduate education at the University of Washington. Four years later, she considers Seattle her home. When she’s not volunteering as an Activities Coordinator for the Howell Collective and completing her Master in Teaching at UW, Leilani enjoys exploring The Emerald City with her friends, cooking and baking up a storm, knitting various oddities for unsuspecting family members, and dancing to records.

Hello! My name is Maria Elena Rodriguez, and I’m very excited to have the opportunity to help establish the Howell Collective P-Patch. I live on the border of Capitol Hill and Downtown, and spent the last year living in Capitol Hill. I have volunteered with the Community Alliance for Global Justice as Co-Coordinator of their Food Justice Project for the last year and a half, and also spend time volunteering with Lettuce Link and Marra Farm. I’m passionate about creating open and welcoming community spaces that reflect the diversity and needs of the surrounding area, as well as learning alongside others and developing our gardening skills together. I’m looking forward to the coming year of gardening classes and to see how the Howell Collective P-Patch grows!